Chronic Foot Odor Issues

Our feet are easily the most heavily worked parts of the body, especially for those of us living in NYC. The average New Yorker walks approximately 5 miles per day, and thousands of miles more than those in any other state per year. With all that walking and the constant beating our feet take, there are a number of things that happen, foot injuries, athlete’s foot, soreness, and for some worst of all, chronic foot odor. As the top podiatrist downtown NYC has to offer, Dr. Katz and his team at Williams Street Podiatry treat thousands of patients every year, and of those patients more than half suffer from some form of foot odor or another. According to him, foot fungus issues, like athlete’s foot and foot odor, often go hand in hand – as they are both often a product of overly sweaty feet. Think of those hot summer days with your friends or family, whether you’re walking through the city or at a street fair, over time, after wearing your shoes or sneakers all day long, sweat builds up and the second you get home and kick those shoes off – the smell hits you right in the face. No matter what type of footwear or how clean you think you are, we are all susceptible to foot odor issues from time to time. and through his years as a podiatrist downtown physician Dr. Katz has learned quite a lot about foot odors, why and how exactly they come about. To better educate you on foot odor problems, here are some important things to know as well as some important methods for prevention.

What is the Main Cause?

Ask any NYC podiatrist downtown Manhattan is a hotbed for foot odor issues, and one of the main reasons is that most people wear sneakers these days and people are walking everywhere. As we previously stated, because we spend the entire day wearing the same shoes, and accruing a ton of sweat within them, we are far more susceptible to a variety of issues. And according to Dr. Katz, the top podiatrist downtown Manhattan has to offer, the main culprit is bacteria. Because of the environment created by a sweaty shoe – dark, warm, moist, bacteria colonies will tend to thrive. And as these bacteria thrive, they begin to feast on the dead skin cells and bodily oils that are present on the surface of our skin, especially along our feet. As these colonies continually grow and reproduce, they start expelling waste products in the form of organic acids, and those organic acids are the ones that carry the awful smell that we are used to.

Chronic Odors

However, there are some segments of society in which these smells are extra foul and some individuals who will experience extreme foot odors regardless of a warm day. These individuals suffer from extremely bad foot odors. According to Dr. Katz, the top podiatrist Manhattan has to offer, this segment is about 10-15% of the population. Generally, these individuals will suffer from issues like athlete’s foot as well and will have extra sweaty feet, that give rise to a special type of bacteria known as Kyetococcussedentarius. According to Dr. Katz, the top podiatrist Manhattan has in practice, these bacteria produce a special sulfuric waste compound in addition to the normal organic acid waste. If you remember from middle school science class, sulfur compounds tend to smell like rotten eggs, and give off this powerful putrid odor for long periods of time. For such patients Dr. Katz will generally recommend some type of specific topical ointments in addition to making a variety of important lifestyle changes. To better help you deal with foot odors, here are some important life changes to make.

· Good Hygiene – Be sure to wash and clean your feet every day, its vital to ending your foot odor and overall health. Scrubbing your feet in the shower and be sure to let them dry before putting on your socks.

· Wear the Right Shoes – Shoes should fit, according to Dr. Katz, the top podiatrist Manhattan has in practice, the majority of foot care issues are a result of ill-fitting shoes that are too tight. If your shoes are too tight, you will sweat more and build up bacteria and fungus.

· Change Your Shoes & Socks – You simply cannot expect to wear the same socks everyday without washing them. This is terrible hygiene and can lead to far worse issues than just foot odor. Also, if you can afford to, wear multiple shoes, and try to switch on a daily basis, giving the other pairs time to air out.

· Kill Bacteria & Germs – Use disinfectant sprays and topical creams on your feet and shoes to kill unwanted bacteria that are causing your vile odors.

· Avoid Plastic Shoes – Plastic shoes keep the foot from being able to breath, and thus mean you will sweat more and create a much more suitable home for bacteria.

· Air Feet Out – Go barefoot in your home, let your feet air out and enjoy the open air, especially when sleeping.

· Don’t Share Socks or Towels – Things that touch your skin should be yours alone, as they can spread germs and unwanted bacteria from one person to the other.

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