PRP stands for platelet rich plasma. It is a concentrate of the patient’s own blood which has been processed to increase the amount of platelets available to help aid in healing injured tissue. PRP is concentrated down to 3-5cc which is injection into the affected area. We currently treat common foot conditions with PRP to assist in the speed of healing and to improve overall function of the affected structures. Pt whom have PRP injections heal faster and with heal better results than without PRP. Some common conditions that we treat are ankle instability or ankle arthritis or other arthritic conditions of the foot, chronic sprains, Achilles tendonitis or tendonosis and other over use type injuries of the foot, plantar fasciitis, fractures and stress fractures, plantar plate tears and many other foot and ankle conditions.

Today we now accompany these PRP injections with ACell Matrix stem. THis is new compound from the budding edge of regenerative medicine. This product is FDA approved for treatment of foot uclers but its uses for extend past wound care. Acell is porcine product that promotes the attraction of your own stems cell to the site of the injection thus speeding healing and improving the overall strength of the injuried tissue by literally created new growth at the region of the injury. The two injections combined increase the overall rate of healing and the quality of healing, thereby getting the athlete or patient back to there activities sooner.