unnamed Buckling or curling under of any of the toe joints is the condition known as Hammer Toe. Over time these toes may become painful and make movement more difficult. The joints at the end or middle of the toe, as well as the joint near the ball of the foot, may be affected. Toe joints buckle or curl under because of a muscle imbalance or tight tendons.

Types of Hammer Toes include Flexible and Rigid. A Flexible Hammer Toe is exactly that, you can straighten out the hammer toe with your fingers. Flexible hammer toes may not hurt. Rigid hammer Toes cannot be moved by applying pressure from your fingers. These rigid joints may cause pain and distort foot movement.

If symptoms are mild, changing shoes or using a splint or pad to hold the toes straight may help. If severe, surgery may be required. Types of procedures typically depend on whether the toe joints are flexible or rigid. Consult with Dr. Katz on the best way to treat your Hammer Toe condition.