3 More Common Foot Ailments in Podiatry

In our previous article, we discussed the 3 most common foot care ailments affecting New Yorkers, as well as the rest of the world. And while those conditions were extremely common, podiatry is an expansive field, and with the pounding our feet take on a daily basis, the list unfortunately keeps going on and on. At William Street Podiatry, Dr, Harvey Katz, the top podiatrist 10036 has to offer, has treated countless patients – from everyday men and women, to professional athletes and Olympic sprinters. And no matter what their level of fitness, or the level of strain they put on their feet, a foot will always be a foot, and the same conditions that affect these high-performance athletes, affect the man or woman next door. When individuals suffer from such issues, Dr. Katz and his staff offer a variety of treatment options. To better understand the podiatry world, here are 3 more of the most common foot care ailments amongst patients across the city.

Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails occur when the toenail begins to grow into the nail groove, which causes patients significant pain and discomfort.


Blisters are all too common issues, occurring on many different areas of the body but particularly on the hands and feet. According to Dr. Katz, the top podiatrist 10036 has in practice, blisters on the feet despite their reputation as being mild, can have the most drastic effect on our walking and running.

Dr. Katz and the team at William Street Podiatry have seen countless patients with such common ailments, offering them a variety of treatment options. For more information on treating any of these issues or to schedule a consultation contact us today.